“No-Lift” Empty Pallet Mover (patented design)



Easy to Use All plant personnel can use the “No-Lift” pallet mover with minimal training
Not dependent on physical strength, build or age of operator to move an empty pallet
Uses simple “tilt-tilt-center-go” process
Operator tilts up only 1/3 the weight of a pallet
No need for an expensive forklift (and sometimes two operators) to move a single empty pallet
Fun to use — encouraging safe working practices
No Operator Certification Required Save costs and time of forklift operator certification
Simple operating instructions included in each unit shipment
Highly Maneuverable Can quickly be moved in any direction with four swivel wheels (compared to a forklift or pallet jack) Very nimble
Lightweight unit makes it easy to bring a “No-Lift” pallet mover to the needed work location
Low Cost Several “No-Lift” pallet movers can be deployed in a plant/warehouse
Minimal training required
No maintenance required
Economical to ship via UPS
Safe Operation Reduces the risk of injury to personnel (hands, backs, feet, etc.)
Eliminates hazards of empty pallets being in the way
Potential liability insurance cost reductions
Reduces pallet movement risks to operators
Considered a risk mitigation tool by corporate EH&S departments
Stresses to the operator the company’s commitment to reduce injuries
Pallets Travel Upright Requires only 16″ aisle clearance (as compared to a horizontal 4′ wide pallet in a forklift)
Can negotiate narrow aisles
Can go thru standard doors
Reduces Operator Hazards Pallets can be moved without dragging or lifting
Eliminates potential injuries when moving pallets across cracks in the concrete floors
Pallets are never lifted by an operator
Reduces injuries when moving poorly assembled pallets
Adaptable design Yellow “No-Lift” pallet movers are for plastic or wooden pallets
Orange “No-Lift” pallet movers are for wooden pallets (accommodates 90% of pallet heights in the market)
Special sizes available – please contact the factory
Each wheel is rated at 110 lbs.
Can also be used to transport bundles of cardboard boxes
Ergonomic Design Reduces operator fatigue
Encourages safe pallet moving practices
Increases productivity by making every operator an empty pallet mover
US Made Safety Tool Made in USA under patent
All parts are 100% US made
All assembly labor is 100% US based
Designed with the operator in mind
One year warranty

The “No-Lift” device allows the worker to move a pallet without lifting the pallet.  By using this tool, the pallet is tilted up vertically which is lifting only 1/3 of the pallet’s total weight.  The pallet is tilted back up on its end and the “No-Lift” is rolled under the pallet.  Center the pallet in the “No-Lift” and the pallet is now ready to move anywhere effortlessly.

Printable copy of the Operating Instructions

Printable copy of Assembly Instructions

Printable copy of the Employee Commitment Certificate

Printable copy of No Lift Product Disclaimer