A SF Bay Area warehouse manager, who manages 85 workers, many of them women, stated she wanted to safely move pallets and protect her workers by buying plastic pallets.  It is not true that plastic pallets are, in every case, lighter than wooden ones, although they are uniform in weight.

Knowing that she had female workers in the warehouse that move pallets, Engineered Process Solutions (EPS) designed and patented a simple safety tool to eliminate the dangers associated with moving a pallet across any warehouse floor.

Any pallet being dragged or pushed may hit cracks on the floor causing serious injuries, contusions, or musculoskeletal problems. Also tripping over a pallet can occur if the bottom slips out in front of the worker.

Lifting or trying to carry a pallet sideways or overhead can cause significant bodily harm.

When there is a need to move an empty pallet into/out of a work area, the “No-Lift” pallet mover meets this need and the operator will never have to lift a pallet again……..