The primary purpose of this safety tool is to assist workers in any industry when they have to move or remove a pallet from their immediate work area.  In many cases there are forklifts, hand-jacks or hand-trucks available to perform this function, but they are not always available or able to assist the workers at various times for various reasons.

There are cases where space may be a constraint. Workers sorting cartons, segregating material or putting like items on to fewer pallets accumulates empty pallets in a work area.  These empty pallets then have to be removed from the area, although forklifts are not able to extract the pallet due to how the pallets were initially staged or laid out.  Typically, walking aisles are created as the freight is pre-staged for the workers to process and sort, but empty pallets create an unsafe working condition as they now become a possible tripping hazard.

There are many cases where the pallets are laid out on the floor and it is difficult to bring in any type of pallet moving equipment or device as the required width needs to be at least four feet.

Devoted workers will do anything to perform their jobs. This may include putting themselves at risk, to complete or continue a task.  To move or remove the empty pallet(s), workers may tilt them up and push them across the floor or will awkwardly try and lift the pallet and walk it out of the area.  Both options can cause serious injuries to the worker.

The “No-Lift” addresses these concerns with an easy Tilt-Tilt-Center-Go solution.